Monday, August 9, 2010

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

It was my son's birthday recently and he requested an ice cream cake for his birthday party with his friends. I looked at the prices of the cakes and decided to try to make one myself. It cost me about half of what it would have cost it I bought it and it was absolutely delicous. I found the recipe online at I made a Milky Way Blizzard cake and sprinkled cut up Milky Way pieces on top with fudge sauce. Make sure you freezer is very cold. One thing I discovered is that I need to defrost my freezer because it wasn't cold enough. I had to work really fast when working with the ice cream and the frosting melted really fast for me. So my advice is make sure you freezer is nice and cold before making this cake. The cake turned out fine but you can see the frosting melting in the pictures. ENJOY!

The Night Before

Clear some space in your freezer. Fill your sink or cookie sheet with some water, dip the cake ring so that the bottom of the ring gets wet. Place in on your piece of cardboard. This is to help freeze seal it on the cardboard before making the cake. Place the cardboard and cake ring in the freezer over night.
(The recipe calls for a stainless steel cake ring and round piece of sturdy cardboard. I actually just one of my spring form pans and then transferred the frozen cake to a piece of cardboard after the cake was frozen. )


Diary Queen uses a cookie crumb, but that may prove to be an ingredient that is hard to find. Oreo’s work just as well. To get even closer to the Dairy Queen ice cream cake recipe, scoop out the crème filling in the Oreos.
1 Gallon vanilla ice cream
1 Gallon chocolate ice cream
1 16 oz. package of OREO cookies
½ cup of chocolate sauce
1 jar of hot fudge
Candy or cookies if you are making a Blizzard Cake

Prep For Cookie Crumb

Remove the cream filling and Crush OREO cookies into small pieces. In a mixing bowl, slowly mix in small amounts of liquid chocolate sauce (hershey's syrup will work) with crushed OREO's until the cookie crumbs are evenly coated. Don't add to much. You want the OREO cookie crumb to be coated with the sauce, but not drenched in it. You should be able to pick up the cookie crumb in you hand without a sticky mess.
Making The Ice Cream Cake
Let the ice cream sit on the counter long enough to become spreadable. Watch this closely, to long and it won't re-freeze correctly. You will also want to let the fudge be left at room temp to be spreadable as well.
Spread an inch thick amount of vanilla ice cream around the inside rim of the cake ring. Then fill the middle up half way with chocolate ice cream. Spread 1/2 inch thick layer of OREO cookie crumb in the middle. Use a knife to dip into the fudge and then hover over the middle of the ice cream cake. Cover the cookie crumb with about 1/2 inch thick layer of fudge. Fill the rest of the middle with chocolate ice cream up to almost the top. Cover the top with more vanilla ice cream.
Stick back in the freezer for at least 6 hours.

Blizzard Ice Cream Cakes

Wanna make your ice cream cake recipe resemble a DQ blizzard? Add a few scoops of crushed candy or nuts and mix in with the ice cream meant to go on the top portion of the cake above the fudge sauce.
Leave out any sauces or fruits. The consistency will become too runny.

Decorating Your Ice Cream Cake

Dairy Queen uses whip cream topping, it really goes best with any ice cream cake recipe. The whipped cream that comes in a freezer tub will be much more spreadable them the canned whipped topping. After frosting, add your writing or decoration, then back into the freezer until ready to serve.

Remove 10 minutes prior to serving to allow to soften up enough for cutting.

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