Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate crinkles are perhaps my most favorite cookie, I remember begging my mom for lunch money so I could buy a big chocolate crinkle at the cafeteria.
Now I must say that I do have a recipe that I like better than this one, but it takes lots of time, melting, cooling mixing and chilling and then half of the time the cookies turn out too crunchy anyway. Maybe one day I will ambitiously make them and post, until then here is my go to, in a rush, I have to make something for my ward BBQ in 30 minutes, chocolate crinkles recipe. (Thanks Kendra!)

Chocolate Crinkles

1  pkg. devils food cake mix (last night I used triple chocolate fudge and they were great!)
1/3 c. oil
2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
powdered sugar for rolling
Mix all of the ingredients except powdered sugar together until well mixed.  Shape the dough into small balls and roll in a bowl of powdered sugar. Place on cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.
I tend to stick more on the 10 minute side, I like my cookies gooey. The trick is to let them sit on the cookie sheet until cooled.


Sally said...

I always use the time consuming recipe, this is a good one to have as well! Thanks!

Betsy said...

Very yummy. I made these the other night when I was in desperate need of something chocolate but quick.