Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eskimo Pies

While we were in Utah, Ross and I watched The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Chilled. During the episode one of the “Foodies” described an Eskimo Pie that seriously sounded AMAZING. And to be quite honest the idea was rather simple. So for Valentines Day I splurged and this is what we ate. YUMMY!!


Eskimo Pies

1 box brownie mix, made according to package directions
1 half gallon vanilla bean ice cream (we always use reduced fat)
Chocolate for dipping – I mixed semi-sweet with milk.  (see note
Caramel topping for dipping (I know it sounds like a little much, but believe me it is worth it!!) I made homemade- WOW!

Bake brownies as directed for a 9 x 13. (You really want the brownie to be a thin base.) Cool. Soften ice cream and spoon over cooled brownies. (My ice cream only made it about 2/3 of the way. I wanted a thick layer…) Chill. Once bars have chilled for at least an hour cut into thin bars and chill again. Meanwhile prepare your chocolate. I simply melted my chocolate, but I found that it was a little difficult to work with. The chocolate was too thick. Maybe next time I will thin it… Dip bars in chocolate, covering ice cream. Chill. When you are ready to serve, warm caramel sauce. Serve bars with a bowl of sauce for dipping.

Talk about out of this world!!

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